Change your life

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”– William Shakespeare

My loves…. Marylyn Monroe and her delightful giggle! Coffee, or course! Champagne!

Habits… sleeping late….

Wants…. To read as many books as possible

Happiest…. At home with my family (and plants)

Inspired by kindhearted people

Notices… fabrics, textures, and colors

Believes in… overcoming obstacles with grace

Change your life….

Stop complaining and appreciate how lucky you are. Think of all the things in your life you can be grateful for. So many little things. I have so many little things, but today I will list three.  

  • My hands to help others
  • My voice to say hello
  • My eyes to see all that is around me

Reinvent yourself. I start with my hair. Highlights, layers, colors, you name it! Cuts, styles! I’ve thought of them all.  I always change it! It is the thing I go to first for reinvention. At the moment I am still growing out a pixie. Its right at the top of my shoulders. Curly and brown. My goal is to leave it alone and let it be. Patience, I am being patient.

Say goodbye to people that don’t bring positive energy to your life.

Turn off your cell phone! Disconnect! It’s okay to not always be available.

Cultivate a skill. Put all your effort into developing it. Knit! Read! Write!  

Commit to your goals. My goal is to get out of debt. So embarrassing. I blame my younger self. Really though, I am working on this. My intention is to be happy with what I have. To live a humble life. Things that are important can’t really be bought.  

Sweat everyday to boost your mood.  Things I will do. Yoga. Walk. Dance.  

Fail forward. Learn from your mistakes.

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